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3G-SDI Input
3G-SDI Output

Connector type: BNC connector
Impedance: 75Ω
Complies with SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M, and SMPTE 424M level A and level B-DS (limited to one SDI stream for level B-DS)
Supported Embedded Audio at 48kHz

HDMI Input
HDMI Output

Connector type: Type A
Complies with HDMI 1.4
Fully shielded HDMI cable is mandatory

Analog Audio Input/Output

Connector type: Mini-XLR (Male, 5 pins)
Mates with:

  • Rean/Neutrik RT5FCT-B (Female, 5 pins)
  • Switchcraft Mini-XLR TA5F Series (Female, 5 pins)

Pins (Mating plugs):

  1. Common GND
  2. Balanced Input Hot (+)
  3. Balanced Input Cold (-)
  4. Microphone Input
  5. Headphone/Line Output

Balanced channel input impedance: 59.6kΩ
Balanced channel input level (nominal): 4dBu (1.23Vp)
Balanced channel input level (0dB Full Scale): 18dBu (8.7Vp)
Balanced channel input level (max): 19.4dBu (10.2Vp)
Headphone Dynamic Range (20kHz Filter): 101dB
Headphone THD+N: -70dB max
Headphone Load Impedance: 16Ω or higher
Headphone Output Power: 55.8mW max (16Ω)
Line full scale output voltage: 0.97VRMS
Line load impedance (typical): 10kΩ
Microphone Bias: 2V
Microphone Maximum Level : 0.5VRMS

Return IFB Channels

Intercom Headset

Connector type: Mini-XLR (Male, 4 pins)
(Signal complies with Apple and Samsung headsets)

Mates with:

  • Rean/Neutrik RT4FCT-B (Female, 4 pins)
  • Switchcraft Mini-XLR TA4F Series (Female, 4 pins)

Pins (Mating plugs)

  1. Common GND
  2. Microphone input
  3. Headphone left output
  4. Headphone right output

Headphone Dynamic Range (20-kHz Filter): 100 dB
Headphone THD+N: -70 dB max
Headphone Load Impedance: 16Ω or higher
Headphone Output Power: 2 x 55mW max (16Ω)
Headphone Full Scale output voltage: 0.65VRMS
Microphone Bias : 2.5V
Microphone Maximum Level : 0.5VRMS



Two Ethernet ports
10/100/1000 Base-T
RJ45 connector
Green LED indicates link
Orange LED indicated speed (on: 1000BT, off: 10/100BT)


Dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz
802.11 b/g/n/ac

Remote Antenna

Quad Antennas

2x4 MCX Connectors on Pro380

1x4 MCX Connector on Pro340


SD Card

SD slot, class10 recommended (FAT32, exFAT)


One USB 3.0 Type A connector


DC Input

Input type: XLR 4-pin male connector
Automatic under-voltage protection at 11.8 Volts
Automatic over-voltage protection at 24 Volts

AC/DC Adapter

Manufacturer: EDAC POWER ELEC.
Model: EA10951E-180
DC Output: 18V / 5A max
AC Input: 100-240V-2.5A,50-60Hz


60W max delivered by Pro360-5G

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