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Torpedo 2.2

Welcome to the documentation for the Torpedo™ DVB to IP Gateways, Version 2.2. The Torpedo DVB to IP Gateways deliver digital TV and radio broadcasts over IP video networks, without the need for re-encoding the video. Digital Satellite (DVB-S/S2) and Digital Terrestrial (DVB-T/T2) broadcasts contain audio/video programming using industry standard compression (MPEG-2 or H.264) contained within MPEG-2 Transport Streams. The Torpedo gateway tunes to selected channels, delivered over RF by the DVB antennas or satellite dishes, extracts and filters the MPEG transport stream packets, and delivers the program content over IP networks. A single Torpedo can stream up to 15 channels of live TV from a single RF multiplex to any authorized network computer.

Available Documentation

Documentation for Torpedo 2.2 is available as PDFs in the following list. For documentation of previous versions, please create a support ticket in the Haivision Support Portal.

For security purposes, Haivision strongly advises you to change the default passwords during initial configuration.

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