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Depending upon the view selected for the section, thumbnails appear on the Dashboard as either

icons or
large icons (which includes additional stream and audio information). Examples of icon and large icon thumbnails are shown below:


Large Icons

Thumbnail Actions

Available actions for thumbnails will vary depending upon the type of thumbnail. From the thumbnail itself, you can initiate a number of actions.

Option Menu


Options menu (located in the top right corner of the thumbnail) opens a panel of available actions to choose from. 


Typical actions include:

  • Access to settings
  • Eject the device
  • Remote control to the device web interface
  • Eject Video return
  • Access to profile settings
  • Lock the output

I/O Capsule

Hover over the

I/O capsule overlaying the stream preview to pop up the currently defined resolutions.


Device Dropdown

Click the Device dropdown menu to reveal the various channels/inputs etc.

Thumbnail Toolbar Actions

Along the bottom of the icon is a thumbnail Toolbar of action icons. 

Common actions include:

  • –  Initiate Intercom
  • – Links to Public and Local URLs
  • – Record
  • – Enable
  • – Expand/Collapse Details
  • – View Preview with Audio (FullScreen)
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