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Dashboard Screen

After signing in, StreamHub opens to the Dashboard screen. The Dashboard is where you perform a majority of your day-to-day tasks. These involve setting up inputs, encoders, and outputs for your various transmissions.The dashboard screen is split into three (3) sections:

Inputs section
Encoders/File Explorer section
Outputs section

Each section is comprised of:

  • Toolbar of icons representing the available actions with a blue version of the icon indicating a current selection.
  • Section
    resizing handles to manually adjust the container.
  • Thumbnails representing the available devices, sources, and outputs appropriate for that section. See Thumbnails for a quick overview of actions available from a thumbnail.

Inputs Section

The Inputs section

is where you manage your:

  • Streams coming from field units (using SST protocol). Field units connected directly to StreamHub automatically appear in this section.
  • Streams coming from third-party IP sources (using RTSP, HLS, RTMP, TS, SRT, and NDI protocols).
  • Recorded files that may have been stored on the server.

Inputs toolbar includes: 

  • IP Input Profiles
  • Filter – select between any combination of types (devices, IP Profiles, Multi-View) and states (Off, On, Live)
  • Thumbnail view
  • List view

Encoders/File Explorer Section

The Encoders/File Explorer section

is where you can adapt encoding formats to IP destination profile requirements or explore files stored on StreamHub.

  • To view the File Explorer in this section, click the
  • To view the Encoders in this section, click the

The Encoders/File Explorer toolbar includes: 

  • (Encoders only) Encoder Profiles – add, search, and edit profiles
  • Switches to File Explorer (with search) view
  • Switches to Encoder view
  • Thumbnail view
  • List view

Outputs Section

Outputs section

is where you can manage various outputs:

  • SDI physical outputs.
  • NDI over IP.
  • IP destinations towards third-party devices (using RTSP, HLS, RTMP, TS, and SRT protocols)

Output toolbar includes:

  • IP Output Profiles
  • Filter – select between any combination of types (Hardware, NDI, IP Profiles) and states (Off, On, Live)
  • Thumbnail view
  • List view
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