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Preparing a Bootable USB Key


The complex process has been broken down into smaller procedures or steps. To avoid complications, be sure to perform these steps in order. Click the table links above to navigate back and forth between steps.


You will need:

  • Utility software for creating a bootable USB key (e.g., Rufus).
  • USB Key with at least 4Gb capacity (FAT32 format).
  • ISO File from the Support team.


Once you downloaded the ISO file as indicated by the support team, you can create the bootable USB key that will be used for the installation.

To create a bootable USB key:


During the bootable USB key creation, please make sure to select MBR partition mode. The use of UEFI mode is not supported.

  1. Make sure that you have installed on a utility software (such as Rufus) to create a bootable USB key (FAT32 format).
  2. Insert the USB key (minimum capacity: 4Gb).
  3. Open the utility software.
  4. Choose USB key as the destination device.
  5. Browse and select the provided ISO file.
  6. Start flashing.

The ISO file is copied on the USB key. You can now install the firmware.

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