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HMP Video Player

Selecting an HMP session opens the video in the HMP player, as shown in the example below:

HMP video player elements are listed below, along with a brief description:

  • Closed Captions — If enabled, displays on-screen captions.
  • HotMarks — HotMarks are metadata "bookmarks" that can be added in HMP to annotate a video. Select the HotMark icon to jump directly to specific points of interest in the video. For more information on HotMarks, see the HMP user documentation.
  • Audio Streams — Allows you to select a different audio stream for the selected video (e.g., a different language feed).
  • Volume — Slider control for adjusting the player volume level.
  • Video Tracks — Allows you to select and view different video sources for multi-source videos.
  • KLV Feeds — If enabled, displays embedded Key-Length-Value information for the selected video.
  • AirPlay — Allows you to mirror the selected video from your mobile device to another AirPlay-capable device.
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