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Connecting the Set-Top Box to your HMP Server

The Haivision Play Set-Top Box can be connected to an HMP server to view videos, receive guide data, and automatically obtain firmware upgrades.


Haivision Play Set-Top Box administrators can share content with set-top boxes via AD groups. When a new set-top box registers itself, it sees the content shared with the groups to which it is assigned. For information on HMP sharing, refer to the Haivision Media Platform Administrator's Guide, available at the Haivision InfoCenter.


For production environments HMP servers and any paired Haivision Media Gateways must have DNS and trusted SSL certificates. Also, for your STBs:

  • The HMP server's hostname used in Server Setup must match the HMP certificate's common name (CN).
  • Ensure that DNS is working.

  • Ensure the STB has valid time from the NTP server.

  • For simplest setup, use commercial CA-signed certificates on your HMP servers and HMGs.
  • If the HMPs or HMGs are using self-signed certificates, the certificates must be manually loaded onto each STB. To load the certificates:
    1. Copy the certificates for each HMP and HMG onto a USB drive or MicroSD card, ensuring the certificates use a .crt extension.
    2. Insert the USB drive or MicroSD card into the STB unit.


      Do not insert a USB drive and MicroSD card at the same time. Else, the STB enters a reboot loop.

    3. Power on the STB. During boot, the certificates are imported into the STB and stored internally.
    4. After the STB boots remove the USB drive or MicroSD card.
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