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Setting up a Test Stream (Makito X Encoder)

Setting up a test stream requires that you have an active video source connected to the Makito X Encoder. You will need to configure an encoding instance based on your video source, and then configure an output stream for that encoder. For detailed information, refer to Configuring Video Encoders and Configuring Streaming Outputs in the Makito X Encoder User's Guide.

To configure an encoding instance:

  1. Sign in to the Makito X Encoder Web Interface.
  2. Click Video Encoders on the sidebar (under General Settings).
    The Video Encoders List View opens. 
  3. Click a link in the table to select the encoder.
    The Video Encoder Detail View opens, displaying the settings for the selected video encoder.
  4. To configure the encoder, select or enter the new value(s) in the appropriate fields (see Configuring Video Encoders in the User's Guide).
  5. Click Start, and then click Apply.

To configure an output stream:

  1. Click Outputs on the sidebar. 
    The Output Streams List View opens.

    Outputs List View

  2. To add an output stream, click the 

    Plus Icon
    Add button. 
    The New Stream page opens.

    New Stream Page
  3. Under Content, type a Name for the stream, and under Source, select the encoder you started in step 4 (above).
  4. Under Broadcasting, select TS over UDP for the Protocol.
  5. Under Destination, type in a valid multicast Address (e.g., and Port number (e.g., 2000).


    The Multicast address range is from to Multicast addresses from to are reserved for multicast maintenance protocols and should not be used by streaming sessions. We recommend that you use a multicast address from the Organization-Local scope (

  6. To add metadata to the stream, select the Metadata source, and (optionally) select the encapsulation type (Data Carriage).

  7. To apply your changes and start streaming, click Apply.


    The changes will take effect immediately but will be lost after a reboot. For information on saving configuration settings, refer to Saving and Loading Presets in the Makito X User’s Guide.

To view the test stream:

  1. Make sure your decoding device (or software) supports MPEG Transport Stream format.
  2. Turn the device on and connect it to a display (if applicable), or open your video player software (e.g., VLC).
  3. Make sure you are on the same network segment as the encoder.

  4. Tune your decoding device or software to the multicast address of the test stream coming from the encoder.

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