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Configuring Logo Overlays


The maximum file size for logo and still image files is 10 MB.

You can configure the Makito X to display a graphic file as a logo overlay in the encoded video. One logo may be configured for each physical video input interface, i.e.:

  • Two logos on the Makito X SDI dual-channel #S/B-292E-HDSDI2 (BNC1 and BNC2);
  • One logo on the Makito X DVI #S/B-292E-DVI or the Makito X SDI single-channel #S/B-292E-HDSDI1.

The image file can be uploaded in either BMP, JPEG, PNG, or GIF format. The image file will be converted to Haivision's image overlay (.oly) format.

The logo position can either be relative (top left, top right, centered, etc.) or absolute (positioned at the exact X and Y coordinates specified).

To configure a logo overlay:

  1. On the Streaming page, click Media on the navigation bar and Logos on the sidebar. 
  2. The Logos page opens, displaying the list of logo image files that have been uploaded for the encoder.
    Sample Logos Page
  3. To upload a new image file in either BMP, JPEG, PNG, or GIF format, click Import and select the file in the Open File dialog box.
  4. When you see the filename in the text box, click Upload.

    Logos Page (Upload Button)


    To select a different logo file, click Change. To remove the selection, click the

    The image file will be converted to Haivision’s image overlay (.oly) format and will be added to the Logos list.

  5. To select the image file to display as a logo overlay, in the channel row, click the area below Logo.

    The Logo Selection dialog opens, with the currently selected logo or None highlighted and checked.
    Logo Selection Dialog
  6. To select the image for the logo overlay, click the image or check the checkbox next to the image filename and click Select.
  7. To configure the position, transparency, and scaling for the logo overlay, select or enter value(s) in the appropriate field(s). See Logo Settings.
  8. To delete one or more image files from the Logos list, check the checkbox next to one or more filenames (or check All) and click Delete on the Content toolbar.
  9. To apply your changes, click Apply.


Logos are stored on the Makito X file system in the folder /usr/share/haivision/logos.

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