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The messages command is used to manage administrative login messages. This is a log of a limited number of important events recorded such as installation of a software package, failure to establish or maintain connectivity with a remote audit server, Power-On Self Test (POST) errors, and other noteworthy events that require the administrator’s attention.

These events will result in a message being sent directly to all logged-in administrators and will appear on their terminals. The message will also be displayed at the next administrative Web interface or CLI login.


The messages command can only be used by an administrator.

Messages starting with “POST” are Power-On Self Test events. If you repeatedly get POST errors, the cryptographic module of the encoder may be compromised, and it is recommended to re-install the firmware.


messages add <msgtext>
messages get
messages delete



add <msgtext>

Adds the message text to the log. This could be used to send messages to other administrators.


Displays messages.


Deletes the messages.



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