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Serial Interface Setup (Makito X SDI)

The serial interface is available on the following Makito X models:

  • Makito X SDI Dual-Channel (# S/B-292E-HDSDI2) 
  • Makito X SDI Single-Channel (#S/B-292E-HDSDI1)
  • Makito X with Storage: Removable SSD (SKUs ending -RS) or Fixed SSD (SKUs ending -FS).

Prior to logging in to the Makito X for the first time, you may wish to change the unit's default network settings to match the network in which it will be used. You can do so by connecting directly to the Makito X's serial COM1 port from your computer using HyperTerminal (or other serial communication application).

Or you can (optionally) configure your system to capture CoT or KLV metadata from the serial port interface. Note that metadata capture is an optional feature and must be installed at the factory.


The Makito X also supports bi-directional serial pass-through (RS-232/RS-422) for controlling serially attached devices such as PTZ controlled cameras. Passthrough settings are managed from the CLI. For more information, see passthrough.


IP display is enabled on the serial port login prompt by default and takes precedence over a banner. If both Banner and IP display are enabled, users will see the IP, not the banner on the serial port.
You can disable and re-enable IP display using the CLI commands disable_ip_display_on_serial_port and enable_ip_display_on_serial_port. If you disable IP display with this CLI command, the banner works.

To get started, you must set the terminal parameters to communicate with the Makito X.

To set up the serial interface:

  1. Connect the Makito X's COM1 port to your computer as described in Connecting the Encoder to the Network and a Computer.
  2. Power up the computer and start the serial communication application.
  3. Set up the terminal parameters as follows:



    Baud Rate

    115,200 bps

    Data Bits




    Stop Bits


    Flow Control


  4. Power up the Makito X. (See Powering Up the Unit.)
  5. From the serial communication application, press Enter to get a prompt from the Makito X.

It takes approximately two minutes for the Makito X to boot. The system will request a login, or display the shell prompt if an active session is still running.


You can view the COM port settings from the Web interface. For information, see Managing the COM Port.

We recommend that you log out from the Makito X and exit from the serial communication application before disconnecting the COM1 port.

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