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Roll-Over and Uploading to HVC or Haivision Media Platform

Segmentation Roll-Over becomes available when the Time & Size are set for a recording and both Recording Limit and Recording Segmentation are enabled. Segmentation RollOver allows you to leave the encoder running autonomously (for example, to record a high quality stream while streaming a low quality version of the same content for surveillance purposes, such as over 24 hours).

In such applications, operators do not intend to view the recording unless some event occurs and then they can extract just the particular segment, instead of having to go through the entire 24 hour file. To do this, you simply set up the recording in Segmented Roll-Over mode and leave it alone.

The recording may also be configured to upload completed segments to the Haivision Video Cloud (HVC), Haivision Media Platform (via FTP), or a NAS drive.

As of Version 1.5, you can auto-export a segment of an asset that has completed recording to a NAS drive in order to automate asset ingest from a Makito X with storage to a NAS-mounted watch folder.

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