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Configuring the Video Settings

From the Video Encoders pages, you can configure four or six independent video encoders to apply to streams.

  1. Click Video Encoders on the sidebar (under General Settings).
    The Video Encoders List View displays information at a glance for the video encoders. On the Makito X HEVC, the List View includes two HEVC encoder instances, as shown in the following example:
  2. To change the status for an encoder, click the dropdown list under Action and select either Start or Stop (as applicable).
  3. To view details or configure the settings for a video encoder, click the link in the table.
  4. On the Detail View, you can configure the Video Encoder settings.
    • To configure settings such as the video Input, (output) Bitrate, Resolution, and GOP Size, select or enter new values in the appropriate fields. See Video Encoder Settings in the User's Guide.
    • To apply your changes, click Apply.
    • To start or stop the encoder, click Start or Stop (as applicable).
    • To view statistics for the encoder, click Statistics.
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