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Configuring CoT Metadata Capture from the Web Interface


CoT Metadata Capture is an optional feature and must be installed at the factory or via a field upgrade by installing a license file.

For metadata captured from the serial port, before you can configure the Metadata settings, the COM Port Mode must be set to Metadata. Please refer to Managing the COM Port (in the Makito X Encoder User's Guide ).

To configure CoT Metadata Capture:

  1. Click the 

    Stream Icon
     Streaming icon on the toolbar. On the Streaming page, click General Settings on the navigation bar and Metadata on the sidebar. 
    The Metadata List View opens, displaying the list of defined Metadata sources for the encoder.

    Metadata List View


    The Makito X auto-detects the hardware setup of the encoder, so when CoT Metadata Capture has been installed and Metadata has been enabled on the COM Port, the first input on the Metadata List View is filled in as shown above.
  2. (Serial CoT Input) To view or modify CoT input details, click the link for the Serial source (i.e., the first line in the table). 
    The Metadata Detail View opens for the selected metadata source.
    Metadata Detail View (showing Serial CoT Input)
  3. (UDP Source) From the Metadata List View, Click Add
    The Metadata Detail View opens for you to specify a new metadata source.
    Metadata Detail View (showing UDP Source)
  4. Type in the Name for the input.
  5. Select CoT (Cursor-on-Target) for the Data Format.
  6. Enter the Max Aircraft SPI Delta. For details, see Metadata Settings (in the Makito X Encoder User's Guide )
  7. To apply your changes, click Apply.
  8. To start or stop the stream, click Start or Stop (as applicable).


    You can also change the status for a source from the List View by clicking the drop-down menu under Actions and selecting either Start or Stop (as applicable).
  9. To view Metadata statistics, click Statistics. For details, see Metadata Statistics  (in the Makito X Encoder User's Guide )
  10. To return to List View, click Metadata from the sidebar.
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