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Viewing System Status Information

From the Status page, you can view status information about the Makito X, such as the operating system up time, along with information about the hardware and software components. You can also initiate blinking of the Status and RX LEDs (to help locate particular decoders in a lab or rack), as well as take a system snapshot and reboot the decoder.

The Status page is available to Operator and Guest users as well as Administrators.

To view status information:

  1. Click the 
    Gear Icon
     Administration icon on the toolbar.
    The Administration Status page opens to the Status page. 

    The Status settings are read-only. For details, see the following section, Status Settings.
  2. To display a snapshot of system information, see Taking a System Snapshot.
  3. To initiate blinking of the Status and RX leds, click Locate. On the Device Locator dialog, adjust the time allowed to blink the decoder LEDs and click Start.


    The blinking can last from 1 minute to 1 hour; the default is 15 minutes.

  4. To reboot the decoder, see Rebooting the Decoder.

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