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The auddec command is used to manage audio decoding settings. This includes binding the analog audio output to either the SDI 1 or SDI 2 video decoder. You can also configure audio settings such as the Audio Level and view the Audio Sampling Rate.

On the dual channel decoder, two streams are received and can be displayed on either SDI video port. Analog audio can be selected from embedded channels on either stream. Both Analog Audio and Embedded Digital Audio are active.


When the decoder is licensed for one channel only, it mirrors the decoded stream to all interfaces and supports up to eight (8) channel pairs of AAL-LC audio decoding for a stream.


auddec set parameter=value [parameter=value ...]
auddec get



Modifies decoder analog audio parameter(s). A series of one or more parameter=value pairs can be specified at once. See Parameters below.

getDisplays decoder analog audio status information.



The input source for analog audio, either SDI 1 or SDI 2:

  • SDI1CH12, SDI1CH34, SDI1CH56, SDI1CH78
  • SDI2CH12, SDI2CH34, SDI2CH56, SDI2CH78
levelThe maximum analog audio output level in dBu (decibels unloaded), from +5dBu to +20dBu.


# auddec get all

Returns audio configuration information for the decoder, such as:

Audio Analog Configuration:
Output Source : SDI1Ch1+2
Output Level : 6 dBu
# auddec set level="6"

Sets the audio level to 6. You will receive the following confirmation:

Decoder analog configured successfully.

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