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Single/Dual Channel Variants

The dual-height Makito X decoder supports decoding of a single or dual stream containing AVC/H.264 or High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265) compressed video content.

  • On the dual-channel Makito X decoder, one or two streams may be actively decoded at any given time. Each video decoder is independent and supports up to four (4) channel pairs of AAC/LC audio decoding.
  • The Makito X decoder is also available in a single channel variant that mirrors the decoded stream to all output interfaces and supports up to eight (8) channel pairs of AAC/LC decoding from a single stream.


The Makito X decoder can support either H.264-only (single-height blade/appliance) or H.264/HEVC (dual-height blade/appliance) end-user applications.


The personality CLI command allows a Makito X Decoder 2.4 which is licensed as dual channel (S/B-292D-HD2-*) to change configuration to support single channel (S/B-292D-HD1-*) decoding only.  For details, see personality.

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