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Logo Settings

The following table lists the Logo controls and settings:

Logo Setting





Logo inputs correspond to the available video inputs of your Makito X4 device.

PositionBottom Right

Select the position for the logo overlay:

  • Bottom Right
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Top Left
  • Centered
  • Relative


    Relative mode uses the X and Y coordinates specified, while keeping the logo position in proportion to the display area, regardless of the input resolution. The original scaling is vis-à-vis a 1920x1080 grid.

  • Absolute


    In Absolute mode, the logo will be positioned at the exact X and Y coordinates specified.

Coordinates0, 0

Specifies the position of the logo on the X and Y axes. (The origin is the top left corner of the display area.)


Only takes effect if Position is set to Absolute.

Specifies the opacity percentage of the logo:

  • 0 = no opacity (i.e., a completely transparent logo) 
  • 100 = fully opaque (i.e., a completely solid logo)

Specifies the scale factor (percentage) for the logo:

  • 25% = 1/4 size
  • 100% = no scaling
  • 400% = 4x
Use relative scalingDisabled

Check this check box to enable relative scaling. Relative scaling keeps the logo's dimensions constant in relation to the display area, regardless of the input resolution.
The original scaling for the logo size is vis-à-vis a 1920x1080 grid. 

Enable/DisableEnabled (after configuration)Toggle the logo configuration on or off to enable or disable displaying it. 
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