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Configuring Logo Overlays

Administrators and operators can configure the Makito X4 to display a graphic file as a logo overlay in the encoded video. One logo may be configured for each physical video input interface, i.e.:

  • Four logos on the Makito X4 SDI Quad-Channel Encoder,
  • Four logos on the Makito X4 Rugged Encoder,
  • One logo on the Makito X4 Single Channel Encoder. 

You can configure the size, transparency, and position of the logo. These settings will be saved in the current preset configuration. For more on presets, see Saving and Loading Presets


Logo overlays are available in DEFENSE personality only, with a license upgrade of 1.7 or higher.
To configure the Makito X4 Encoder personality, see Managing System Status Information

To configure a logo overlay:

  1. Click Streaming on the sidebar, and select the Logos tab.
    The Logo configuration page opens.

  2. Two Haivision logos are available by default. To upload a custom logo, click Add Logo.


    The image format can be: PNG, JPEG, GIF, or BMP.

  3. From the Add Logo panel, drag and drop or browse your files to select your logo, then click Import.


    To change the logo file before importing, click the x next to the logo file name.

    A thumbnail preview of the custom logo will appear in the list of available Logos.

  4. Click Configure on any of the available video input interfaces to configure the logo. 
    The logo configuration panel opens.
  5. From here select the logo you would like to apply to the video input, and configure the logo settings, including the logo's:

    • Position;
    • Opacity, from 0% to 100%;
    • Scaling, from 25% to 400%;
    • Relative scaling, enabled or disabled.

    For further details, see Logo Settings

  6. Click Update to apply your logo to the stream.
    You will receive a confirmation note indicating that the logo has been updated, and the logo will appear as a thumbnail in the SDI configuration. 

    You can use the toggle to enable or disable the logo display for the selected SDI input. 
  7. To edit the configuration, click the logo thumbnail, or the Settings icon
  8. To delete a logo, find it in the list of available logos, click the vertical ellipsis menu, and click



To manage logos:

  1. You can delete multiple logos at a time by selecting them (using the check-boxes), and clicking the Delete button that appears at the top of the list. 
  2. You can search through available logos by clicking the Search icon


  3. You can sort your logos:
    1. In either a grid view or in a list view, by clicking the grid/list icon
      next to the Add Logo button,
    2. By Name, logos In Use, or Modified Date; in Ascending or Descending order, by clicking the sort logos drop-down.

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