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The sanitize command is used to wipe out all non-volatile memory on a Makito X Series device. 

LED status behaviors:

  • Status LED blinks RED when sanitization is in progress. Sanitization typically takes around 5-7 minutes.

  • Status LED turns Solid RED when sanitization is complete.

Unit after sanitization:

  • User loses network access to the unit after sanitization is complete. Hence the unit is unreachable via SSH, WCI , EMS, or other network service.

  • User is unable to log in via the serial port as well.

  • The unit is still unreachable after power is unplugged and replugged (i.e., no access through serial port, SSH, WCI, etc.). The LED status light flashes GREEN continuously after unplugging and replugging the power.  


sanitize serial_number
sanitize cancel
sanitize status



sanitize <serial_number>

Prepares the unit for sanitation on the next reboot. If the serial number does not match that of the current device, an invalid argument error is displayed.

sanitize cancel

Cancels the unit sanitization if the unit is prepared to commence sanitization on the next reboot.

sanitize status

Displays the current sanitization status.





The serial number of the unit to sanitize.


# sanitize HAI-0429200XXXXX

Prepares the unit for sanitation on the next reboot.

# sanitize cancel

Cancels the sanitization if previously set up on the unit.

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