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CoT/UDP with SPI Message Filtering Based on UID


CoT SPI filtering applies to CoT/UDP and CoT/Serial services.

The Makito X accepts raw CoT metadata over UDP (no SerialID wrapper) and filters the SPI (Sensor Point of Interest) messages based on a user-supplied string. If the string appears in the SPI message, then it is passed through and combined with the platform message before conversion to KLV. This allows platforms that generate multiple SPI messages to filter out unwanted incoming messages.

If the UDP port is receiving CoT, you may specify a UID filter string. If the string is present in a SPI message UID field, then the message is passed. Otherwise the message is discarded. (The format of the SPI UID filter string is a text string containing alphanumeric characters.)

In order to avoid input errors for the SPI filter string, the Makito X collects a list of the received SPI messages. You can then select a string from this list for the UID filter string.

Platform and filtered SPI messages will be converted to KLV. Only a single SPI message is supported. The KLV (converted from CoT/UDP) is multiplexed into the MPEG-2 TS stream.

The Makito X supports multiplexing of metadata sources. 

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