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CoT Relaying

From the Metadata Detail View, you can configure retransmission of COT metadata received over the UDP or Serial (Makito X4 Rugged only) interface. The metadata will be retransmitted as a CoT/UDP unicast or multicast stream so that multiple CoT listeners can access the source CoT data. You can retransmit up to eight (8) CoT/UDP messages.

To configure CoT Retransmission:

  1. From the Metadata List View, click the link for the CoT metadata source to retransmit. For details on setting up the metadata source, see Setting Up Streams.
  2. On the Metadata Detail View, if necessary, scroll down the page and toggle the CoT Relaying button to On.
  3. To add a CoT retransmission destination, click Add.
  4. On the Add CoT Relay dialog, enter the IP Address and Port for the destination. Adjust the TTL and TOS values if required.
  5. Click Add.
    The stream is added to the list.
  6. To edit a CoT relay destination, click the vertical ellipsis menu on the relay stream and select Edit.
  7. The Edit CoT Relay panel opens. From here, edit the available fields as necessary.
  8. To delete a CoT relay destination, check the check-box on the relay stream panel and click Delete, or select Delete from the vertical ellipsis menu.  

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