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Connect to A/V Sources

To connect to SDI Audio/Video sources:

  • Connect your video source cables to one (or more) of the Makito X4’s SDI video inputs, using the BNC connector(s).


The Makito X4 is shipped with four (4) HD-BNC to BNC adapter cables.

The following SDI video configurations are available:

Single UHD (Ultra High Definition) Input carried in one 12G/6G-SDI channel 

  • 12G/6G-SDI single channel ingest of UHD resolutions (up to 3840 x 2160p60)
  • Only HD-BNC1 can support input up to 6/12G-SDI. All the other inputs support up to 3G-SDI. 

    Use scenario:  UHD Video / 6/12G-SDI → Makito X4 Encoder → stream to decoder
    UHD video transport; 6/12G-SDI infrastructure required.

Single UHD Input carried over four 3G-SDI channels

  • Four (4) x 3G-SDI ingest of UHD resolutions (up to 3840 x 2160p60). 
  • Web UI → configure a single video encoding core to use the first video input source (e.g., set the input on Video Encoder 0 to 'BNC-1 or 2SI/SQD' and the other three video inputs will automatically be used).

    • 2SI (two-sample interleave division) mode is supported. 2SI mode uses four sub-images and alternates the samples every two pixels and every line (instead of splitting the image into four quadrants). Each link contains a full image at 1/4 resolution.

    • SQD (square division) mode is supported. SQD mode uses the four 3G-SDI inputs to separate the UHD video into four 1080p sub-images (or quadrants). In this mode, each sub-image contains a quarter of the image being transmitted, therefore, each signal must be correctly timed to recreate the UHD image. For more details, see Configuring SQD Inputs (in the Makito X4 Encoder User's Guide).


      To configure SQD mode, the encoder must be set to "SQD" Personality. You can configure the Personality either from the Web Interface on the Status page (see Managing System Status Information) or via the personality CLI command (see personality). 

      Use scenario: UHD Signal → 4 x 3G-SDI → Makito X4 Encoder → stream to network/decoder (uses existing 3G-SDI cabling to support new UHD work-flows by sending the UHD video over 4 parallel cables).

Quad Channel Encoding - Up to four full-HD 1920 x 1080p60 inputs carried over four independent 3G-SDI channels

  • Up to 4 input SDI signals up to 3G-SDI (up to 1080p60).  
  • Each input channel can be encoded independently. The high/low encoding for each input is supported for a total of 8 encoding cores (which can be assigned to any input independently).

    Use scenario: 4 video sources → Makito X4 Encoder (each input is encoded 2 times) → 8 x stream to decoder
    Uses Makito X4 as a four-channel encoder; each encode channel can support up to 1080p60/3G-SDI input video.
    The encoder may be configured to support a high/low streaming configuration for each channel, so long as the total aggregate encoding capabilities of the device are not exceeded.

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