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Configuring Ad Insertion Sources

To open the Ad Insertions list view: 

  1. Click Streaming on the sidebar, and select the Ad Insertions tab.
    The Ad Insertions list view opens, displaying the list of ad sources: 

    The Ad Insertions list view displays the name, type, timing, synchronization mode, and status of each ad source.
  2. Click the Start/Stop icon
    (as applicable) to start or stop the ad source. 
  3. Click the Settings icon

    on the ad source panel to open the Ad Source Detail view:

    From here you can edit the source name, and configure the ad source settings.

  4. To view the statistics, click the Statistics icon
    on the ad source panel. 


You can also configure Ad Insertions from the Command Line Interface (CLI) using the adinsertion command. See adinsertion

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