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Setting Up ST 2110 Inputs

From the Input Essence Detail View, you can create and configure ST 2110 media essence inputs. For each input, you need to select the Media Type – either video, audio or ancillary data – as well as the Input number (1...4). The encoder supports running four (4) inputs of each Media Type at the same time. 

To configure Input parameters:

  1. From the Inputs List View, click a link in the table for an existing input, or click the

    Plus Icon
    Add button to add an input.
    The Input Essence Detail View opens. By default, the Media Type is Video.

  2. To create an audio essence, select Audio for the Media Type. 
  3. To create an ancillary data essence  (such as subtitling or closed captioning), select ANC Data for the Media Type.
  4. Fill in the IP Address and UDP Port of the media essence, RTP Payload, and (optional) Source Address. See ST 2110 Input Settings.
  5. Select the Input number for the essence (1...4). Only one essence of a given media type can be started using the same input.

    Video Essences:  
  6. Select the Video Format.

    Audio Essences:  
  7. Enter the Number of Channels and select the Packet Time.

  8. Click Create to apply your changes and start the input. 
  9. To start or stop the input, click Start or Stop (as applicable).

  10. To view input statistics, click Statistics. For details, see ST 2110 Input Statistics

  11. To return to List View, click Inputs on the sidebar.

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