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Streams List View

The Streams List View displays a status icon along with the Stream Name, Input, Transcoder, and Output(s) for each defined stream. It also provides options for you to start, stop or delete a stream.

To open the Streams List View:

  1. Click Streaming on the sidebar, and select the Streams tab.
    The Streams page opens, displaying the list of defined streams for the encoder. 

  2. From here, you can perform the following tasks: 
    • To view or configure the stream settings, click the Settings icon
      on the stream panel. For details, see Configuring Stream Parameters.

      • To apply changes to the stream parameters, click Apply

    • To view stream statistics, click the Statistics icon
       on the stream panel.

      From the statistics panel you can:
      1. Click Reset to reset the current stream statistics
      2. Click Detailed Statistics to open a separate page displaying all available stream statistics
      3. Alter the graph by (de)selecting the exposed data – Input Rate, Stream Rate, or Latency
    • To start or stop the stream, click the Start/Stop icon
      on the stream panel. 
    • To Start, Stop, or Delete one or multiple streams, select the check boxes on the far left of the stream panel(s), then click the desired action button at the top of the page.
    • To add a stream, click the Add Stream button. For details, see Adding New Streams
    • To modify the sort order, click the Sort dropdown menu. The default is set to sort by Name, in Ascending order. 
    • To search for specific streams, click the Search icon 
       and type in key words to identify the stream. If no related stream is found, the search page will return No Search Results. 
    • To filter streams by status, click the Streaming, Alert, or Inactive buttons that appear in the status filter bar.
      The Stream Status is color coded, and the Stream State is indicated by the State icon. The possible Stream States and Statuses are listed below: 

      StatusColor Possible StatesIconDescription

      The stream is connected and active.

      • OFFLINE
      • ERROR

      The stream is stopped.

      If this state appears unexpectedly, the stream may be offline or experiencing an error. 


      • STARTING 

      The stream is attempting to connect and initialize, please wait a few seconds.

      Should this state persist, connection may be inhibited due to general or transcoder errors. 

      • NO DATA

      The stream's Kraken Input has no valid data, or is connected (i.e. to a remote SRT source) but without any active data delivered into Kraken.

      Alternatively, the stream may be experiencing an input error (i.e. unable to establish a connection to an SRT source).


      The stream's Kraken Output is experiencing an output error (i.e. unable to establish a connection to an SRT destination).

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