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Configuring Stream Parameters


You must first define the Inputs, Transcoders, Outputs, and (optionally) Metadata sources before you can define a Stream.

The Inputs, Transcoders, Outputs, and Metadata sources that you have previously defined will be selectable when you add or modify a stream.

To view and configure Stream parameters for an existing stream:

  1. Click the Settings icon
    on an existing stream panel. The stream panel expands to show the current stream parameters:
  2. Configure the available parameters for the current stream. 
  3. After modifying the streaming parameters, click Apply


    If Autosave is enabled, these changes will be saved automatically. If Autosave is disabled, your changes will be lost after a reboot.
    To enable Autosave, open the Device Presets dropdown, and toggle Autosave on. For more information, see Saving and Loading Presets.

  4. To start or stop the stream, click the Start/Stop icon 
    (as applicable) on the stream panel. 

    Alternatively, select the check box(es) on the far left of the stream panel(s) and click the Start or Stop button. 
  5. To view streaming statistics, click the Statistics icon

    . The stream panel expands to show the current statistics. For details, see Viewing Kraken Statistics.


    • With MPEG TS or RAW Motion JPEG inputs, Kraken takes the source URL, re-encodes the audio/video, and sends it out as a new stream with different encoding characteristics.
    • With SDI or Analog Composite inputs, the Kraken CR captures and encodes/processes baseband video and ancillary metadata.

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