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Stream Parameters

The following table lists the Kraken Stream parameters:

Stream ParameterDescription/Values
NameEnter a unique name for the stream.

Select the stream routing mode: See Stream Routing.

  • Transcoder (default): The Input will be transcoded to one or more Outputs.
  • Transcoder + Passthru: The Input will be transcoded and also re-transmitted to another destination.
  • Bypass: The Input will not be transcoded, but simply copied (as is) to the Outputs.


  • Bypass mode supports RTSP in addition to TS/UDP and TS/SRT input stream types. Bypass mode may be used to transmux RTSP input to TS/UDP or TS/SRT output.
  • Bypass supports multiple outputs whereas Passthru supports only one.
  • RTSP inputs may be configured with Transcoder or Bypass Mode.
  • Mode is restricted to "Bypass" when an RTMP input and/or output is selected.
InputSelect the Input for the stream.
Passthru Output(Mode must be Transcoder + Passthru) Select the Output for the re-transmitted stream.
Transcoder(Mode cannot be Bypass) Select the Transcoder to apply to the stream.

Select the Output for the transcoded or bypassed stream.


To specify multiple Outputs, click Add and select from the list.

Metadata(Mode must be Transcoder or Transcoder + Passthru) Select the Metadata source for the transcoded stream.
Auto-StartCheck this checkbox to auto-start this stream when a Preset is loaded via the Administration Preset page or applied after a reboot.

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