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Appendix A: Provisioning Riedel SFP Gateways

This topic explains how to prepare the Riedel SFP to ingest raw video and output IP streams. Following is a summary of the setup steps to route data from the SFP device to Kraken:

  1. Assign an IP address to the SFP device.
  2. Set up the video flow (see following sections):

  3. Set up the input (Kraken Web Interface, see Configuring Inputs in the Kraken User's Guide).

Provisioning the Riedel SFP Device MuoN A10 Using MN SET

  • Recommended to use MN SET software. MN SET is a server/client software that can be run on Windows or Linux platforms. The server software can be installed on one PC, and multiple instances of clients can connect to the server remotely or locally via an internet browser. The software discovers Embrionix IP products and provides full access to configure, control and monitor each device. 
  • Recommended to use Windows 10. 
  • MN SET (User Interface for interacting and configuring Riedel or Embrionix SFPs) is included in the package. 
  • Documentation for setting up the Riedel SFP using MN SET: MN SET User Guide v5.30.pdf
  • The Hosting Ethernet board IP address is used as the Gateway on the Riedel SFP.
  • Flows must be configured with the Ethernet host board IP as the gateway. Port 20000 is used by default (for video) but can be configured to other valid values via the MN SET. Audio uses port 20001 and Ancillary uses port 20002 (future use).
  • The Riedel SFP IP address and HTTP port used for the provisioning must be provided to the Kraken Web Interface. The program will retrieve the internal routing information and flow settings and start the captures.

Following is an example of the provisioning of a Riedel device:

Hosted by:

  • Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ Network Connection
    inet  netmask  broadcast 
  • Riedel settings:

            At the device level:

            curl -X GET
            "emsfp_version": "A2xx",
            "type": "3 - 2110 Encapsulator","asic_slot_00": "0x000003bb","asic_slot_01":


            At the port level:


            At the flow level:

            "dst_udp_port "20000"

Provisioning the Riedel SFP Device MuoN A10 Using Curl

First, locate the MAC address of the SFP labeled on the SFP device. For example, 40:A3:58:A0:7A:0E-0F

Configuration is done via the default IP address extracted from the last 3 digits of the MAC and fix digit 1.

To obtain this Control IP address, you need to do the following steps;

  1. From the device MAC address visible on the emSFP i.e. 40:A3:6B:A0:39:40-41
  2. Only use the last 3 Bytes: A0:39:40 (note the -41 is for the second port, not used for provisioning)
  3. Convert each byte from Hexadecimal (HEX) to Decimal (DEC).
    • A0=160
    • 39=57
    • 40=64
  4. The control IP address will then be formed the following way:.

     Fix digit (10).3rd Last byte of MAC in DEC(160).2nd last byte of MAC in DEC(57).Last byte of MAC in DEC(64).


Once you can ping the SFP via the hosting NIC card, you can configure it via this command:

curl -X PUT -d '{"ip_addr":"" "subnet_mask":"" "gateway":"your.gate.way.ip"}'

The SFP should reboot and you will lose connection (curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer).

When it comes back, enter this command: 

curl -X GET

You should get back something in the form of: 

{"version":"1","local_mac":"40:A3:6B:A0:39:40","ip_addr":"","subnet_mask":"","gateway":"your.gate.way.ip","hostname":"emsfp-a0-39-40","port":"80","dhcp_enable":"1","alias_ip":"","alias_ip_subnet":"","ctl_vlan_id":"0","ctl_vlan_pcp":"0","ctl_vlan_enable":"0","data_vlan_id":"0","data_vlan_enable":"0","bootstatus1":"005","bootstatus2":"000"} (

Then configure the video flow output:

curl -X PUT -d '{"dst_ip_addr":"" "dst_mac":""}' in the form in the form 38:d5:47:e2:79:a5


Validate the flow traffic:

curl -X GET

The response will be in the form of:

{"version": "2","label": "st2110 flow","id": "a04f66a2-9910-11e5-8894-feff819cdc9f","source_id": "a0008e96-990d-11e5-8994-feff819cdc9f","type": "3","name": "tx_flow0","network":{"src_ip_addr":"","src_udp_port":"10000","dst_ip_addr":"","dst_udp_port":"20000","dst_mac":"","vlan_tag":"0","ssrc":"0","pkt_cnt":"1516032","rtp_pt":"96","ttl":"64","dscp":"0","enable":"1"},"format":{"format_type":"video","sdp_file_url":"","format_code_valid":"1","format_code_t_scan":"4","format_code_p_scan":"4","format_code_mode":"0","format_code_format":"64","format_code_rate":"6144","format_code_sampling":"8192"},"jumbo_frame":"0"}

Validate that the pkt_cnt":"1516032" gets updated (input needs to be active).

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