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Testing the Installation

At this point, the installation is complete and can be tested. 

  1. Click the 
    Streaming Icon
    treaming icon on the toolbar, and then click Inputs on the sidebar.
  2. From the Inputs List view, click the 
    Plus Icon
    Add button to add an input. 
  3. Select the Source, as applicable for your system, for example, "DeckLink Micro Recorder 1", "Analog Capture 1" or ST2110. 
    Input Source Drop-down
  4. Click Apply
  5. Click Transcoders on the sidebar. 
  6. From the Transcoders List view, click the 
    Plus Icon
    Add button to add a transcoder. 
  7. On the "Encoder" drop-down, select either "Software" or the "Hardware (QSV)" encoder. 
    Encoder Drop-down
  8. Set up and start a transcoding session with the device of interest to test it.

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