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Connecting an RTMP Input Source

Kraken supports RTMP input and output in Bypass mode. When installed as a VM and deployed to Azure, Kraken can now serve as a stream router for local distribution within industrial complexes as well as across the public internet to serve remote monitor sites. 


RTMP input and output are not supported in "Transcode" or "Transcode + Passthru" mode.

Kraken supports either server or client RTMP input streams: 

  • Server — Stream sent directly to the Kraken's IP address
  • Client — Stream available for Kraken to access on an RTMP server

The procedure for configuring an RTMP server input is shown below:

  1. On your source streaming device, output an RTMP stream with the following URL format:
    where, <IP> is the IP address of the Kraken and<stream_name>is the desired name of the stream.


    For RTMP Server mode, the port must be 1935 and the Application Name must be "live".

  2. On Kraken, create a new input. See Configuring Input Parameters for more details. On the New Input screen:

    1. Type in the input name and select RTMP for the Source.
    2. Select either Server or Client for Mode depending on the RTMP source


      In Client mode, you need to enter your own RTMP URL. In Server mode, it is constructed internally by Kraken.

    3. Enter the URL of the RTMP stream created in Step #1 above.

  3. Click Apply.

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