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KB Encoder/Transcoder


Welcome to the documentation for Haivision® KB Encoder/Transcoder, your device to stream live events and broadcast channels over the Internet for delivery to desktops, mobile devices, and set-top boxes. KB combines HEVC encoding with advanced bandwidth controls to optimize both uplink and Internet delivery of 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) adaptive bitrate (ABR) video streams.

What’s New

  • Support for Haivision SRT Hub.

  • File recordings available as an input video source.

  • When enabled, a Closed Captioning status indicator is available on the channel preview windows.

  • Support for SDI-embedded SMPTE timecodes on SDI inputs for synchronizing streams. (Not supported by the KB Mini appliance.)

  • Recordings are no longer split by size/duration by default.

  • The bandwidth limitation of FTP uploads is no longer enabled by default.

  • For HLS outputs, added Enable VOD and VOD Playlist Name options to the Create Channel Wizard.

  • For HLS outputs, Directory Rollover is enabled by default.

  • For HLS outputs, support for EXT-X-CUE-IN and EXT-X-CUE-OUT ad insertion tags.

  • Added ability for the operator or administrator account to reboot or shutdown the KB encoder from the menu button.

  • Update to the download and delete recordings pop-up dialog buttons to distinguish between them.

Available Documentation



Release Notes

Includes important release information. Available on the Haivision Support Portal.

Important Notice

Provides initial setup and default passwords. Shipped with the appliance or available on the Haivision Support Portal.


Includes KB appliance comparison, physical specifications, and ordering information. Available by request at

Provide the steps required to install and connect the applicable hardware appliance.

KB5.7 Software-Only Installation Guide.pdf

Assists in installation of software on user-supplied hardware.

KB5.7 User's Guide.pdf

Explains how to navigate and use the web interface.

KB5.7 API Integrator's Reference.pdf

Documents the APIs necessary for creating your own interface or integrating into an existing application.

NOTE: See the Terms and Conditions on the InfoCenter for Warranty, EULA, and SLA information.

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