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The InfoCenter pages contain the following elements:

  • Sidebar
    • Expand/Collapse Button Clicking the
      button collapses or expands the sidebar. Useful for smaller screens or wide content pages.
    • Page tree – The page tree provides links to navigate the content relative to the current product and version you are currently browsing. You can expand or collapse parent headings as necessary.
    • Products  – Lists of Haivision products available in the InfoCenter.
    • Haivision Support – Link to open a new tab to access the Haivision Support Portal.
  • Page Actions – Icons to provide feedback, contact sales, and print the current page.
  • Breadcrumbs – Navigational aid to keep track of your location within the InfoCenter.
  • Version Selector – If there are multiple versions of a product available, a drop-down menu appears to allow you to choose the product version and access legacy content.
  • Search Box – See Searching the InfoCenter for details.
  • Dragbar – Click and drag your mouse on the dragbar to resize the sidebar.
  • Content – The main part of the screen that contains the content of the page you are currently browsing.
  • Previous/Next Page in Page Tree – Buttons to go to the previous or next page within the page tree hierarchy. You can also use the , (comma) or . (period) keys on your keyboard.
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