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Searching the InfoCenter

Search Ranking

  • The highest weight is applied to exact search matches, especially in a page title.
  • Fuzzy search is used to display pages that contain words that are similar to the entered search term (after exact matches).
  • If you enter more than one search term, the results contain any of the entered search terms (“OR” search).

Curent limitations

  • Quotes (“”) are ignored (quoted phrases are treated as separate words).
  • Pages that contain a term as a substring do not appear in the results (e.g. a page with the term “rescheduled” doesn’t appear when searching for “schedule”)

Search Options

By default, when searching in the InfoCenter only documentation of the product and version that you are currently viewing is searched. However, by changing the search options that appear when clicking in the search textbox, you can search all versions of the currently viewed product or all products within the InfoCenter.

For example, to search the documentation of all versions of HMP in the InfoCenter:

  1. While viewing an HMP page, click your cursor into the search textbox or click the

    icon. The search options appear below the textbox as follows:


    Within some pages (for example, the InfoCenter homepage), the All Versions checkbox does not appear as it does not apply.

  2. Check the 'All Versions' checkbox.
  3. Type the terms you wish to search for in the textbox.
  4. Quick results appear below the search options. Scroll through the list and click on the page you are looking for.

    Press Enter (or go to the bottom of the quick results and click "Show all results") to go to the search results page. For example:


The search results page contains dropdowns to select the product and version (if applicable) you wish to search.

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