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Advanced Deployment Options

When deploying the Windows Enterprise version or the macOS Enterprise version of Haivision Helper, the properties in the following table can be used to override default values. These properties, except INSTALLDIR, mirror the available environment variables. See Environment Variables for details on default and valid values.

Property NameDescription
INSTALLDIRInstallation path.
HELPERAUTOUPDATEURLURL that points to a manifest file on an alternative server.
HELPERAUTOUPDATEINTERVALAn integer that defines the interval (in seconds) between update checks.
HELPERAUTOUPDATEBETABUILDSEnable automatic installs of intermediate (beta) versions of Haivision Helper.
HELPERCONTROLPANELDISABLEDDisable the Haivision Helper Control Panel Web Page.
HELPERCRASHREPORTSDISABLEDDisable crash reports sent to Haivision.
HELPERDISABLEANONYMOUSSTATSDisable anonymous statistics sent to Haivision.
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