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MB6 Power Components (F-MB6X-RAC and F-MB6X-DC)

The F-MB6X-RAC and F-MB6X-DC chassis have removable power supplies (PSUs) and power distribution unit (PDU) (as shown in the figures below).The F-MB6X-RAC and F-MB6X-DC chassis are fully redundant and can run using one or both PSUs. If using both, they share the load 50-50. One PSU can power all six cards in the chassis.

Replacement parts are available for the power supply units (#P-MB6X-AC-PSU and #P-MB6X-DC-PSU) and the power distribution units (#P-MB6X-AC-PDU and #P-MB6X-DC-PDU). See MB6 Replacement Part Ordering Information.


The F-MB6X-MED power supply cannot be replaced without opening the chassis, which would void the warranty. To replace the F-MB6X-MED power supply, you must return the unit to Haivision. If field-serviceability is a requirement, we recommend that you keep a second F-MB6X-MED chassis available on the premises.

F-MB6X-RAC Chassis

F-MB6X-DC Chassis

Replacing the F-MB6X-RAC and F-MB6X-DC Power Supplies

The PSU Power LED will show red to indicate an issue with the PSU. When this occurs, you should replace the power supply. The PSUs are hot-swappable, which means that you do not need to power the chassis off to remove a power supply. However, to keep the chassis running, only change one PSU at a time.

To replace the F-MB6X-RAC or F-MB6X-DC chassis PSU:


Refer to "Antistatic Precautions" in Safety Information to prevent ESD damage to the equipment.
  1. Using a Phillips #2 head screwdriver, remove the two PSU retaining screws (one on the left side of the PSU and the other beside the injector/ejector handle).
  2. Press the release button on the injector/ejector handle and pull the handle to release the PSU module.
  3. Pull the PSU module out of the chassis.
  4. Slide the replacement PSU module in place and then push the injector/ejector handle until the module locks into the chassis.
  5. Tighten the screws.

Replacing the F-MB6X-RAC and F-MB6X-DC Power Distribution Units


The PDU is not hot-swappable; so, you must power down the chassis to replace the PDU.

To replace the F-MB6X-RAC or F-MB6X-DC PDU:

  1. Turn off all PDU power switches.
  2. Disconnect all power cords from the chassis.
  3. Using a Phillips #2 head screwdriver, remove the two PDU retaining screws (one on each side of the PDU).
  4. Pull the PDU module out of the chassis.
  5. Slide the replacement PDU module into the chassis and press to click.
  6. Tighten the screws.
  7. Plug all power cords back into the chassis.
  8. Turn on all power switches on the PDU.

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