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MB21 Chassis Introduction

Haivision's Makito X/X4 and classic Makito encoders/decoders and Torpedo DVB-to-IP gateways are available as single product appliances or as independent mini-blades. For installations where rack mounting is desired, the MB21 High Density Multichannel Chassis can contain up to 21 blades, respectively, within the single highest density platform available. MB series enclosures feature redundant power supplies, allow for in-service blade replacement, and incorporate fan-management circuitry to minimize fan noise.

  • MB21X (F-MB21X-R) enclosures support Makito X/X4 products only (and any future products that require +12V power only).

  • MB21B (F-MB21B-R) enclosures can be populated with any combination of Haivision's Makito X/X4, classic Makito and Barracuda encoders and decoders, as well as Torpedo DVB-to-IP gateways.


All blades manufactured by Haivision are hot-swap capable, meaning that they can be installed and removed with the chassis powered.

The 4 RU MB21 21-slot chassis is available in two models: F-MB21X-R and F-MB21B-R.


References to "MB21" can be taken to include either model, unless specifically stated otherwise.

MB21 Chassis Front

F-MB21X-R Chassis

The F-MB21X-R is a redundant MB21 chassis that supports Makito X and X4 products only (and any future products that need +12V power only ). The F-MB21X-R chassis provides field replaceable fans, dual power supplies, and a station alarm interface. Replacement parts are available for the fan (#F-MB21X-FAN) and power supply (#P-MB21X-PS).

The F-MB21X-R has two PSUs (Power Supply Units) 600W each, with a fully redundant power supply with hotswap and hot-plug ability. Each PSU module can support the maximum load. If both PSU modules are present, they share the load (default configuration).

The F-MB21X-R chassis is designed to tolerate the loss of one AC supply (120/240V) source without loss of installed card functionality. Since there are two power inlets on the F-MB21X-R chassis, the cards in the chassis can operate with only one powered.

F-MB21B-R Chassis

The 7-inch rack unit (4 RU) F-MB21B-R chassis holds any combination of up to 21 Makito X/X4, classic Makito, Barracuda, and Torpedo mini-blades.

Each socket on the PDU (Power Distribution Unit) powers a pair of PSUs (Power Supply Units). Two PSUs are sufficient to power a fully loaded chassis.

The F-MB21B-R chassis is designed to tolerate the following without loss of installed card functionality:

  • The loss of one AC supply (120/240V) source.
    Since there are two power inlets on the F-MB21B-R chassis, the cards in the chassis can operate with only one powered; however, the chassis would not be fully redundant.
  • The loss of one or two PSUs of the four PSUs in the F-MB21B-R chassis in any combination.

For the power supply replacement part (#P-MB21B-PS), see MB21 Replacement Part Ordering Information.

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