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Filtering Lists (Advanced Search)

On the Portal and the Library screen, you can use Advanced Search to filter the content list by metadata. This can help you to quickly find relevant content because you only see videos, sessions, or sources that have been assigned the metadata that you choose.


Metadata must be pre-defined by your system administrator.

For example, to search for videos of physician/patient sessions at a particular location, such as Montreal (assuming a Location metadata key is defined on your system), you can filter the list to only show videos that have been assigned "Location: Montreal".

Advanced Search Dialog

On the Library screen, you can also adjust your view of the content list to show only videos that you own (Mine) or only those that you have access to (Shared With Me). For information on access permissions, see Sharing Items.


When you have finished, be sure to return your view to All.

To filter the content list using metadata:

  1. On the Portal or Library screen, click Advanced.
  2. On the Advanced Search dialog, select the metadata key from the drop-down list. (If no metadata keys are available, contact your system administrator.)
    Metadata Key Drop-down List
  3. Next, select a value from the drop-down list.

    Location Key Values List


    If you start typing, HMP displays a drop-down list of matching values that you can choose from, as shown in the following example.

  4. To add the filter to the list, click the 
    Added Location Filter
    1. To further narrow your results (i.e., to exclude more items), you can add multiple filters. HMP then displays only items that match all filters.
      For example, if you add two filters, one for "Location: Montreal" and a second one for "Department: Cardiology", HMP displays items with both "Location: Montreal" and "Department: Cardiology" metadata.

      Added Department Filter

    2. To expand your results (i.e., to include more items), you can select multiple values for a single metadata key. HMP will then display items that match any of the values.
      For example, if you add a filter for "Location" and select "Montreal" and "Chicago", HMP displays items with either "Location: Montreal" or "Location: Chicago" metadata.

      Multiple Location Filters

    3. To fine-tune your search by excluding unwanted items, you can specify "NOT" for the value.
      For example, if you add a filter for "Location" and select NOT "Hamburg", HMP displays items from all locations except Hamburg, as well as items with no "Location" metadata.

      Exclude Location Filter

    4. To find items that have not been assigned a particular metadata key, you can specify "EMPTY" for the value.
      For example, if you add a filter for "Physician" and select EMPTY for the value, HMP only displays items that have not been assigned "Physician" metadata.

      Empty Filter Value

    5. To remove a filter from the list, hover over the filter and click the
      Remove Filter
  5. To apply the filters to the Portal or Library content list, click Search.
    HMP then displays the Search Results filtered by the criteria you specified (as shown in the following example).

    HMP Search Results

  6. To clear all filters, click the
     icon in the Search field, press Esc, or click Advanced to open the Advanced Search dialog and click Clear.

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