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Changing Permissions of Items

Depending on your account Role and Access Permissions, you can change the permissions of videos, sessions, sources, and feeds for other users or groups. This allows other users or groups to view the video (live or recorded) and metadata, to edit the metadata, and in the case of sessions, to start their own recordings. You can specify permissions for each user or group that you invite.

Access Permissions


The steps are the same for items such as sessions, videos, sources, and feeds.

To change permissions of an item for a user or group:

  1. On a list, such as the Videos, Sessions, Sources or Feeds list, select one or more items to change the permissions. Click Edit on the action bar.
    Or click the 
     icon for a single item to open the Information pane. 
  2. On the Information pane, click the Access tab.
  3. Select the permission from the Permission drop-down menu. 
    Share Permission Drop-down Menu
  4. Type the first few characters of the user or group name in the search field, and then select the name from the auto-complete drop-down list:


    Only users and groups that have been assigned roles appear in the autocomplete list.

    The user or group name is added to the list below, along with the selected permission.

    Share Created User or Group

  5. Repeat for each user or group that you wish to invite. You can assign different permissions to each user or group.
  6. To modify permissions for the item, check the checkbox next to one or more names in the list (or check All), and select the new permission from the drop-down menu. 
    Modify Share Permission Drop-down Menu
  7. To delete user's or group's access, check the checkbox next to one or more names in the list (or check All), and click Delete.
  8. Click the Save button.
  9. To return to the Library's Videos, Sessions, or Sources list, click the 
    Left Arrow


You can also share sessions and videos by embedding the Haivision video player as an <iframe> link within your own website or application, or by generating a link to the Haivision video player. For details, see Using Public Links to Share Sessions and Using Public Links to Share Videos.

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