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Why Use the Command Line API?

The Command Line API is designed to enable control system programmers to build custom workflows for HMP. Instead of using a JSON-based REST API, the Command Line API allows programmers to communicate with HMP using plain-text commands sent via a TCP/IP connection.

Using the Command Line API, programmers can perform tasks/actions such as the following:

  • Create/Delete a new session
  • Add/Remove a source to/from a session
  • Create multi-source sessions
  • Start/Pause/Resume/Stop a recording
  • Get the status of a recording
  • Change the user or group access permissions on a session or recording
  • Add metadata to a session or recording
  • Set the category of a session or recording
  • Add HotMarks on a recording
  • Play a recording as a MPEG-TS stream on a specific multicast IP address and port number

You can communicate with the Command Line API by connecting to HMP's TCP/IP port 23233. During development, the Telnet utility may be used to connect to HMP on this port, allowing you to execute commands interactively.


Before using the Command Line API, access must be enabled in the HMP web interface. You cannot do so from the Command Line API. See Enabling Command Line API Access for details.

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