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Enabling Command Line API Access

Access to the Command Line API is based on IP address. By default, the Command Line API is disabled, connections to TCP/IP port 23233 are refused, and no IP address is authorized to access the Command Line API. Any unauthorized attempt to connect to the API results in a "Not Authorized" error response and the connection is closed. The list of IP addresses permitted to access the API is managed from the HMP web interface.

Before you can get started, you must activate the Command Line API on HMP and add the client devices' IP addresses to the list of authorized devices. These changes are applied automatically and take effect within 10 seconds. There is no need to restart any services.


No further authentication is required for the Command Line API.

To activate Command Line API access on HMP:

  1. Click the 
    Options Menu
     icon and click Administration.
  2. Click System Settings on the toolbar and then click API Access on the sidebar.
    The API Access pane opens, displaying the list of authorized devices (if any).
    API Access Pane
  3. Toggle the Command Line API button to On.


    Toggling this button activates all devices in the list.

  4. To add a device to the list, click the 
  5. In the Add Device dialog, enter a unique name that identifies this device.
    Add Device Dialog
  6. Enter the IP address of the device that will be accessing the Command Line API.
  7. Click Add Device. The new device is added to the list of authorized devices.


Further changes to the list of authorized devices is applied automatically. You do not need to restart HMP.

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