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Trimming Live Review Recordings

The Live Review player allows you to trim and save portions from your recording:

  1. While your session is recording, click the 

    , or
    buttons in the Live Review toolbar to exit the player from 
    Live status.

  2. Click the 
     icon to show the trim controls. Two trim handles appear:
  3. Click and drag the trim handles to the start and end points of the video you want to create.
  4. Click the 
     icon to open the Trim Recording dialog.
  5. Edit the options in the Trim Recording dialog:
    • Select whether to copy the permissions from the session to the trimmed video.
    • Edit the title for the trimmed video.
  6. Click the Confirm button.

The trimmed video appears in the sidebar Videos list and is saved to the Library.


It may take a few moments for the trimming to complete. A 

icon appears in the Library list indicating that the trimming is in progress.

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