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Session Information

The following tables list the Session Information and Metadata settings.


NameSession - <date>, <time>A name to identify the session in the Sessions list and viewer.
Start/EndCurrent timeSelect the start and end dates/times for the event.
RepeatDisabledCheck this checkbox to create a recurring event. Then select the days on which to repeat the event.
ActionLiveTo record the session, select either Record or Live & Record from the drop-down menu.
Description(Optional) Information that describes the session.
Distribution PolicyNone

(Optional, Distribution Policies must be defined by your system administrator) Select the distribution policy for the session from the drop-down menu.


Distribution Policies define target locations in order to deliver content to selected audiences in the most efficient manner possible. If no policy is selected, the session’s sources get routed to the locations based on the location topology. See Configuring Locations for more details on location topology.


Only a single policy can be attached to a session.



(Optional) To assign metadata to the session, select a metadata key and select one or more values or (where allowed) type in custom values.


Metadata must be pre-defined by your system administrator. For information on bulk editing metadata for multiple sessions, see Editing Multiple Items.

System Default Metadatacreator
Allows you to remove the default metadata that is added by the system when a session is created. For example, when the creator metadata is enabled, the name of the user who created the session appears below the player:

After removing creator, the user no longer appears:

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