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Editing Multiple Items

You can also "bulk edit" multiple videos, sessions, or sources that you select on the Library screen. For example, you might want to standardize the metadata values for all sessions from a selected source. This section discusses special considerations when bulk editing items.

To bulk-edit multiple items:

  1. On a list such as the Videos list, select multiple items to edit (hover the mouse over one or more items and click the 
    Check Mark
  2. Click Edit on the action bar.
  3. On the Information pane, the only editable parameter is the Description. To specify a uniform description for all selected items, type it in and click Save.
    Information pane with Multiple Items selected
  4. To edit metadata, click the Metadata tab.
  5. On the Metadata pane, carefully review the list of metadata groups, keys, and values.


    If the Metadata has mixed (i.e., different) values, a warning appears across the top of the list and the metadata keys with mixed values are displayed in yellow (as shown in the following figure).

    Metadata Pane with Mixed Metadata

  6. Check the checkbox beside each metadata key to modify. (Only checked items are changed when you click Save.)
  7. For each checked key, you may either:

    • select a new value (or values, if allowed) from the drop-down list, or
    • leave the value as is

    Metadata Pane with Mixed Drop-down


    Either way, this value is applied to the metadata for all selected items. Bulk edits cannot be undone.

  8. Click Save.

    The selected metadata is updated, and is longer be displayed in yellow. Also, if you edit and thereby harmonize all the Metadata values, the warning is not displayed along the top of the list.

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