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Navigating the Interface

When you first sign in, the Haivision Media Platform web interface opens to the Library (showing the Videos list).

  • If you activate the Portal, the interface opens to the Portal. The Portal is an optional feature that your organization can use to create a custom landing (home) page for users. For more information, please refer to Configuring Feeds and Activating the Portal.
  • Depending on your license, an IPTV, Live Review, and/or Layouts link also appears on the navigation bar.
  • To open the Portal, view live IPTV content, manage layouts, schedule an event, or manage devices (set-top boxes), click the option on the navigation bar.  Clicking an option opens the selected screen.
  • Clicking the 
     icon opens the navigation drop-down menu, which contains the following items:
    • Administration — Opens the administration screen.
    • Import/Export — Allows you to import or export videos. See Managing Imports and Exports in the User's Guide.
    • Keyboard Shortcuts — Lists shortcuts available for the current screen you are viewing.
    • User Preferences — Allows you to adjust the UI brightness and contrast, and reset the HMP stored preferences.
    • About — Lists the current HMP version number.
    • What's New — Displays a list of new HMP features.
    • Help — Opens the Haivision InfoCenter. If you do not have a connection to the Internet, opens a bundled HTML version of the HMP documentation.

For details on using the non-administrator functions of the HMP interface, including viewing and search options, see the User’s Guide.

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