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HMP Overview


  • This user’s guide is directed towards all users, especially content creators, content contributors, and content managers.
  • Although administrative privileges are typically not required, some of the functions described are user-specific. Please contact your system administrator to have the proper permissions assigned.

Haivision Media Platform is a powerful media recording, management, and distribution platform designed to capture and share video content in real-time while providing organization and discoverability to video assets. HMP features fully customizable roles and permissions to support secure, site-specific workflows.

  • From HMP's Web interface, content creators can preview and choose to record any or all of the contributing streams, assign metadata to sessions or sources, and optionally share sessions, as well as video-on-demand recordings.
  • The Portal is an optional feature that your organization may use to create a custom landing page. When enabled, the Portal is the first thing users see when they sign into HMP. When the Portal is activated, content managers can select videos, sessions, and sources to publish in feeds, and promote items to Featured and Suggested.
  • HMP provides real-time access to live and on-demand video to users on desktop or iOS tablet browsers. HMP's Web interface is secure, easy to use, and requires no software installation, software upgrades, or maintenance.
  • Users can also share video content with off-premise viewers by exporting videos directly to the Haivision Video Cloud to easily manage, publish, and distribute content online.

Examples of Different HMP Uses

HMP Product Editions

Haivision Media Platform is available in the following editions to suit different applications.


Multi-site live video distribution platform for streaming enterprise video content to employees watching inside and outside the corporate firewall, and for displaying IPTV content on TV screens throughout your organization.


Enterprise-grade video recording and streaming platform. With low latency, multi-view playback and secure multi-site live video distribution, Haivision Media Platform Workgroup enables aggregation of high quality full motion video (FMV) from the field for command and control, situational awareness and after action reporting.


The displayed content and available features depend on the installed edition, licensed features, and your account permissions. For detailed information, please see Product Editions in the Administrator's Guide.

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