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Setting Up a Source Stream

The following example of setting up a test stream requires that you have a Makito X4 Encoder with an active video input. You need to configure one of the Makito X4 internal encoders based on your video source, and then configure an output stream for that encoder.


As you set up the test stream, you may wish to refer to the Makito X4 User's Guide, available from the Haivision InfoCenter.


The IP address of your computer must be in the same subnet.

  1. If you have not already done so, power up the Makito X4 Encoder.
  2. Open a Web browser to the IP Address for the Makito X4 and log in.
    The Web interface opens to the Outputs List View.
  3. Click Video Encoders in the sidebar to configure the video encoders.
  4. On the Video Encoders List View, click a link in the table to select an encoder.

    The Video Encoder Detail View opens, displaying the settings for the selected video encoder.
  5. Select or enter the new values in the appropriate fields.
  6. Click the Start button, and then click Apply.
  7. To set up streaming, click Outputs in the sidebar.
  8. To add an output stream, click the 
  9. On the New Stream page, type a Name for the stream and select the encoder you started in Step #6.
  10. To set up streaming:
    • In the Broadcasting section, select TS over UDP for the Protocol.
    • In the Destination section, type in the IP Address of the Media Gateway/SRT Gateway, and specify a port number. (Remember this number for a future step in Creating a Route.)
  11. To apply your changes and start streaming, click the Apply button. The new stream appears in the list of output streams.

For more details, refer to the Makito X4 User's Guide.

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