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AMD Settings to Prevent Flickering Issue

Some systems experience screen flickering during operation and require adjustments to AMD settings to resolve. Follow the steps below to update GPU specifications.

  1. Shut down then power on the Alpha FX processor.

  2. Once the Alpha boots to Windows and before the Alpha Control Service starts (2 minutes after Windows starts), right click on the desktop and select AMD Radeon Software:

  3. When the Radeon Pro Settings menu opens, click the gear icon in the top right corner.

  4. Select the Graphics tab.

    The tabs for GPU X will appear if more than one GPU is installed. Setting adjustments must be made for each GPU.

  5. On the GPU settings page (pictured below), select the following settings per GPU (note the GPU selection will only appear for instances with more than one GPU). For instances with more than 2 GPUs, apply the same settings to GPU 3 and GPU 4 as well:

    Texture Filtering Quality > Performance
    Wait for Vertical Refresh > Always on
    Tessellation Mode > Over-ride application settings
    Maximum Tessellation Level > Off
    OpenGL Triple Buffering > Enabled

  6. After the settings are applied, close the AMD Radeon Settings application.

  7. Reboot the Alpha.

This concludes instructions for resolving screen flicker anomalies in Command 360 environments. 

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