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Binding Dynamic Content

Content that references the data in a DataTable is said to be "bound" to the DataTable. Binding content to a DataTable lets CoolSign know that the DataTable is required wherever that content is scheduled.
When you import content created using CoolSign Content Creator, an empty DataTable for the content will be created, if it doesn't already exist, and the content will be automatically bound to the DataTable.

In CNM, you can use the Content Properties dialog to bind the content to a different DataTable.

CNM DataTable


To bind dynamic content to a DataTable:

  1. From the Content page, open the Content Properties dialog by right-clicking the desired item or clicking ACTIONS > EDIT CONTENT PROPERTIES, or simply double-click the item's name in the list.
  2. From the Content Properties dialog for your content, select the Dynamic Data tab.
  3. Choose the DataTable you wish to bind your content to from the WATCH DATABASE pull-down menu.



    The pull-down menu only lists DataTables that match the field structure defined within the content. If you want to bind the content to a DataTable that doesn't appear in the list, click the Show All DataTables checkbox to list all the DataTable in your network. 



    Binding content to a DataTable that doesn't contain fields required by the content usually results in a content error when trying to play back the content.


  4. Click OK or Apply Changes.



    You can override DataTable bindings when you schedule so that the same piece of content can be bound to different DataTables depending on where it is scheduled. For more information on overriding DataTable bindings at schedule time, see "Overriding Dynamic Data Settings".



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