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Assessing Stream Performance Using PingPlotter

Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) lease lines and may actually receive revenue enhancement to piggyback off other networks. This practice can often cause latency due to the multiple "hops" required for your signal to reach the CDN entry point. 

  • High latency – Poor ISP quality
  • Low latency – Good ISP quality

To assess stream performance from the broadcast site, Haivision highly recommends running a trace route to determine the quality and latency of your connection. You can do so utilizing a program such as "PingPlotter."


The trace route analyzer must be run from a Windows PC that is connected to the IP address used for your streaming.

  1. In your browser, go to the PingPlotter website (, download, and install the free program.
  2. Next, contact Haivision to acquire your Akamai Entry Point that is used by your Encoder at the broadcast site.
  3. Open PingPlotter, insert the Akamai Entry point in the target field, and click the
    Start Trace Button
    Start Trace button.
    Akamai PingPlotter Target
  4. After you receive your results, select File > Share > Create Share Page.
    Akamai PingPlotter Share
  5. On the resulting page in your web browser click the email link to send a copy of your results to your Haivision account representative or project manager for review.
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